The Comet Theater building in Perham, MN was built in the late 1920s as a JC Penny store. In 1938, the store was converted to a movie hall and renamed Comet Theater. Joe and Delores Wasche purchased the establishment in 1971, at a time when children could enjoy a matinee for $.20 and admission to evening showings was $.75 for children and $1.50 for adults. Since its inception, the theater has been owned and operated by local families. Currently owned and operated by the Quincer family, the Comet Theater remains the most affordable entertainment around.

Comet Theater is proud to be nestled in downtown Perham. Small town movie theaters, like ours, bring communities together. Over buttered popcorn and cold drinks, you can run alongside animated wildlife, cheer for superheroes and weep for characters who left us. Sometimes movie-goers file out the door still laughing over onscreen antics, but occasionally they depart in silence, forever changed by their time in the theater seat. One thing remains constant, however: folks always leave our small-town theater grateful for the company they’ve shared.

Comet Theater has been a staple on 1st Ave South in Perham for 80 years. As the area’s only movie theater, we’ve held tight to the rich tradition of bringing the best of Hollywood to the lakes area, and along the way, we’ve upgraded our equipment and added modern, comfortable furnishings to improve customer experience. Our new digital movie projector, with high-quality Dolby Digital Surround, helps bring the big screen to life. From the balcony to the main floor, you’ll always have the best seat in the house as you relax in one of our high-backed reclining rocker seats and enjoy classic movie treats, like buttered popcorn and candy.

So, what are you waiting for?
Make plans to spend the evening at Comet Theater in Perham. We’re family owned and small-town loved!




Adults 13 and Over $8
Children 12 and Under $6
Tuesdays are Bargain Nights all Seats $5




Open friday - tuesday




Evening showings don’t work with your schedule? Check out our afternoon matinees!

The Quincer family would love to have you stop in.

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